Professional Advancement

It is in the best interest of the medical office and patients that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Good practice management is a prerequisite to good  patient care.  With additional training, education and experience a seasoned certified medical assistant can advance into a medical practice management position.

Medical Practice Management

A medical office manager requires strong leadership skills to handle the medical billing, medical collections (insurance companies & patients), insurance follow-up and coding, heavy accounting, office equipment,medical records management, office computer software, payroll, human resources, physician liaison and provides guidance and direction to the clinical and clerical support staff in accordance with established policies and standards, while also coordinating their educational seminars and address and solve problems as they arise.

Some of the possible challenges might be:

  • The uninsured patient
  • Coordination of benefits
  • Specialty care referrals
  • Managed care
  • State and Federal laws
  • Attorneys and lawsuits
  • Third party liability issues
  • Insurance companies
  • State and federal regulatory agencies
  • Compliance (OIG, OSHA, HIPAA)
  • ERISA and CLIA
  • State Health Department
  • Debt collection agencies
  • Debt collection laws
  • State insurance laws
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • TRICARE/HealthNet rules
  • Auto accident cases
  • Workers compensation cases
  • Court procedures
  • Medico-legal examinations
  • Consent and informed decision making
  • Patient dissatisfaction
  • Ineffective appointment systems
  • Misplaced patient records
  • Unproven and alternate therapies
  • Efficiency of written communications
  • Security of office and computer systems
  • Adequacy and security of patient records
  • Quality of the equipment
  • Safety of the practice
  • Filing patents for new treatments
  • Staffing issues
  • Payroll disputes
  • Hiring and firing

In other words, the medical office manager must have experience in all
aspects of running a medical office and in exchange they receive an
excellent salary, yearly bonus & full benefits (it is a full time
salaried position).

While a small, not so busy one practitioner medical
office in a rural area can be very efficiently and appropriately be
managed by the doctor with a trained family member, and medical assistant
alone, larger medical group practice typically hire managers to undertake
this task. Sometimes these tasks may be allocated to a specialist within the group who
has the necessary skill, or outsourced to an independent service or consultant,
such as a medical billing firm, collection agency, attorney, or CPA.

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